The super-raved, sought-after Kathryn Beich Katydids, brings together buttery, soft caramel, and fancy pecans: combined with that melt-in-mouth chocolate brings that soothing taste explosion. Part of the reason they taste so good is the memories they bring back. Studies have shown that taste memories are often the strongest associative memories a human can make.

With so much that comes to mind, it’s easy to see why many organizations chose to do a Katydids fundraiser.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the fundraising potential of these memory makers:

Buy Your Kathryn Beich Products at the Best Price

One of the most essential but often overlooked tips to boost a fundraiser is planning the fundraiser. This step involves creating a budget plan than purchasing your Katydids and not vice versa. That way, you manage to buy many tins at the best-selling price.

To create your budget plan, begin by calling up your committee for a meeting where you can agree on a good number. This way, you’ll work within a specific budget.

Prepare and Equip Your Sales Force

Maximizing profits in a Kathryn Beich fundraiser is only possible if your sales force is well-equipped and prepared. Preparation entails understanding exactly what your fundraiser needs to say to the potential supporters. Preparing for a fundraiser also includes knowing exactly what campaign promotion materials you will need.

A good example is a flyer, getting the design ready and approved then printed before the launch of the fundraiser.

Your sales team should also prepare by making a prospect list of friends, families, and neighbors to call on. Each individual in the sales team should practice their sales pitch. The pitch should deliver a concise value proposition.

A smile is a free tool that will likely warm up your prospect before you even speak when making the sale. Accompanied by a smile, the sales force should greet their prospects by their names then introduce themselves. The final and prime step is to give the prospective buyer reasons to buy the products.

Device A Sales Strategy

If you intend to maximize your fundraiser’s potential, you will need a clear, concise, well-thought-out strategy.  A well-prepared task force may end up missing its target due to the lack of a well-thought-out strategy. A fundraiser not only involves friends and family but strangers too.

When devising a sales strategy, have all possible supporters in mind and categorize them. The strategy that suits neighbors and friends may not always work on strangers. Try discount cards to entice strangers and incentives to boost purchases from friends.

Promote Your Fundraiser

Luckily for you using Kathryn Beich katydids for your fundraiser is already a promotion in itself. The katydids’ products are a favorite amongst many. The nostalgia that comes with the sight of the products to your target supporters is already a big boost.

Be that as it may, start a campaign a month before your official launch of the fundraiser. By conducting a campaign, you build awareness of the fundraiser and may even get some preorders out of it. You can do this by putting up posters. You can also send mailings and emails to your contacts.

Give People Options

There’s a lot to love about Kathryn Beich katydids; you can tell by how often they pop up in fundraising ideas. There are many options for pecan caramel clusters and chocolate clusters but only one Katydids

Continue the Kathryn Beich History.

The Kathryn Beich Brand was established over a century ago and it still is a favorite that will bring beautiful memories to your supporters. Create new memories for you and your supporters by running a Katydids fundraiser.

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