If this is the first time you’re hearing about Katydids Candy, you’re missing out on the party. This snack has been a favorite across America. And is a much tastier version than its counterparts. In other words, this is the original chocolatey, buttery caramel treat.

Katydids Candy

Discover the Ingredients in Our Katydids Candy Recipe

The best part of Katydids Candy Chocolate Candy is the main ingredients. We have a wide range of ingredients. Following is the list of flavors.

Maintaining Premium Standards:

We take strict Steps and measures in our Factory to guarantee taste and consistent quality. Modern takes on the Katydids Candy Recipe add other ingredients, but at the core of the sweet lies, simplicity of ingredients. We are best at finding the perfect combination of ingredients and flavors. Our customers’ loyalty over the decades is proof that we’ve truly mastered the taste.

Katydids Candy

Easier To Buy Than Ever

During the past pandemic, we have made your access to Katydids Candies easy, as we have made them available online. Here are the best places to order. Other than the obvious Katydids Candy Walmart offerings, you can easily find Katydids Candy for sale on Amazon and eBay. Simply add a Katydids Candies tin to your cart right here. Do a few taps on your smartphone, and receive them at your doorstep.

Katydids Candy

Our Dedication To Snack Lovers

Katydids Candy’s history began at the Kathryn Beich Company. Our goal has been to serve the chocolate lovers of America with the tastiest candies at an affordable price. Our simple packaging keeps our quality high and prices low. All of our products come with a freshness guarantee. We use absolutely no preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavoring. We’re following the classic Katydids Candy recipe and using the same high quality of ingredients that you’d use yourself in your own kitchen. Our Katydid Candy tin is a perfect present whether it’s your friend’s birthday or your wedding anniversary. Your friends and family will love them. Save yourself time and give your family a special treat.

Katydids Candy

Coming soon: Who Wins Katydids Candy vs Turtles ?

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