Kathryn Beich Original Candy

Kathryn Beich Original Beich Candy Company Formerly known as, Beich Candy Company, are the distributor of katydids candy and other chocolate products through the fundraising channel. The company distributes confectionery products and works with non-profit organisations such as schools, religious organisations, and sports teams to conduct product-based fundraising programs as well as offers wide selection […]

Katydids Candies; There to Serve.

Katydids Candies; There to Serve. No introductions are needed for this highly treasured food, Katydids Candies. An organic chocolate, has now unveiled its’s packaging in the tin. The Katydids chocolate company is establishing its core purpose, showing the big impact a small treat can have.This chocolate is famous for being an admirable, exemplary, and much […]

Katydids Candy – Your Stairway To Happiness

Katydids Candy is a snack that has been a favorite across America as a much tastier version than its counterparts. In other words, this is the original chocolatey, buttery caramel treat.