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We’ve got ’em! Kathryn Beich Original Recipe Katydids Candy Combining together soft, buttery caramel, whole fancy pecans and melt-in-your mouth chocolate.

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Are you always on the lookout for where to buy Katydids Candy? Like everybody that has ever tasted Kathryn Beich Katydid Candy you were instantly hooked. Most likely you discovered this delicious treat by doing a Kathryn Beich Fundraiser or you bought your first tin from a Katydids Candy Fundraiser. It has been many years since Kathryn Beich Fundraisers were at the peak of their popularity and unfortunately after a succession of transfers of ownership the distribution has wavered. Katydids Candy are still the absolutly most popular fundraiser though, and they are still being manufactured by Mascot Pecan Shelling Company right here in America in the state of Georgia. The great news is that Katydids Candy are still as delicious as you remember them. Georgia being the pecan capital of America, the quality of Katydid Candy bites are just as delicious and perfect as always.

Some people look for Katyidids Candy at Wal-Mart, but they are exclusivley sold by fundraising companies such as USAFundraising.com. You may also find Katydids Candy for sale from your local school fundraiser and you can even by Katydids Candy for sale yourself, right here.


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